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This site has been designed to represent the products and services we offer, and how we can better serve your insurance needs. We work hard to attract and retain the most competitive insurance companies so we can continue to deliver the cost, coverage and quality service you expect and deserve! The Mike Keith Agency is a full service agency with product offerings for nearly every area of your business or personal life. You are welcome to call, click or stop by any one of our four convenient locations for a personalized discussion with one of our experienced, professional, friendly team members.

Consumer Articles

Trusted Choice: Content
Trusted Choice: Consumer Articles

  • Calling Home Is Serious Business
    From desktop to tablet to smartphone to printer, digital devices have made business possible anywhere, anytime. And that brings us to a key question from Your Trusted Choice® agent: Has your insurance protection successfully made the same transition?
  • Spending President?s Day Weekend Car Shopping? Don?t Forget Your Insurance Coverage!
    If you?re in the market for a new car, depending on what type of vehicle you?re looking for, President?s Day Weekend may be the time to find it. But whether you?re buying your first car or trading in for a ?Presidential? upgrade, it?s important to keep in mind a few things about auto insurance when shopping for a new car.
  • How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Life Insurance
    What else would you call a product whose key purpose is to assure the financial care of others than yourself? Which is designed to enter the picture at the exact moment it is most needed ? your exit? Everlasting love, indeed!
  • How Can I Save Money on My Insurance? Asked and Answered
    Earlier this month Trusted Choice® asked fans on Facebook what questions they had about insurance and what they would like to know more about when it comes to coverage and price. Responses ranged from ?what to do after an accident? to ?Am I covered if?,? but far and away the question on most people?s minds was ?How can I save money on my insurance??
  • Are You Prepared for a Flood?
    March 3-9 is National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, and as we move from winter into spring, spring rains coupled with melting snow and ice can increase the risks of flooding, and it?s not just those in high risk flood zones who are vulnerable. Here?s some information on evaluating your flood risk and how you can protect your home with flood insurance.
  • Trusted Choice® Supports Make-A-Wish®
    During the month of August 2012, Trusted Choice® conducted a “share” campaign at www.facebook.com/TrustedChoice. For each “share” of any Trusted Choice post during the month of August, we donated $10 to Make-A-Wish to a maximum of $150,000. Our goal was to reach 15,000 shares during the month – and WE HIT OUR GOAL! Thank you to everyone who helped “share”.
  • Snow Good: Don?t Allow Snow to Accumulate Into a Problem
    Snow and ice accumulation can cause several potential problems for you, so here are some things you should know about snow.
  • Cabin Fever? Make a Home Inventory!
    Why not take a few minutes if you?re stuck inside this winter to make a home inventory?
  • Driving in Snow? Go Nice and Slow!
    When staying home is not an option and you must brave winter roads, your Trusted Choice® agent advises you to remember the ageless moral of the tortoise and hare: Slow and steady wins the race.

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